Graeme Bradshaw

Naturopathic, Homeopath, IMI Founding Director

B.Sc, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Hom., Dip. Herb., N.D.


Graeme Bradshaw

Naturopathic, Homeopath, IMI Founding Director

B.Sc, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Hom., Dip. Herb., N.D.


Graeme Bradshaw

Naturopathic, Homeopath, IMI Founding Director

B.Sc, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Hom., Dip. Herb., N.D.

Areas of expertise

  • Gut-Brain connection (correcting underlying factors in ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, dementia and memory problems, brain fog and poor concentration)
  • Individualised diets incorporating food intolerance data; assisting with weight management and diabetes.
  • Immune support for all ages
  • Correcting underlying factors in skin problems such as acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis as well as hair loss.
  • Preventive approaches for the proactive client interested in DNA analysis

“Where possible I like to get test-based facts then individualise the natural therapies and treatment based on this information. My approach is to find the underlying causes, teach my clients the corrective tools and coach into living the solutions.”

Graeme Bradshaw is IMI’s founding director, establishing IMI in 2001. With over 32 years in practice, Graeme is an experienced and respected naturopath, homeopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist. He applies his wealth of clinical experience, knowledge, and extensive post-graduate training in diagnostics and functional medicine to treat the root cause for a vast array of health concerns.

Originally from Tasmania, Graeme completed his undergraduate study in the sciences and embarked on a teaching career before turning to natural medicine. In Sydney, he qualified in naturopathy, homeopathy, medical herbalism and nutrition and started practicing in 1985. His post-graduate studies have been in the area of Functional Medicine. He arrived in Hong Kong in 1990 and was the first full-time naturopath to practice.

Graeme treats all ages, with a special interest in the gut-brain connection – identifying digestive disorders and the commonly related mind, mood and immune problems. Graeme has considerable knowledge in diagnosing infections and underlying digestive problems: candida, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), parasites and food intolerances. Graeme has been able to help thousands of patients remove the underlying and often hidden cause of their chronic illness.

“We often start with removing underlying infections (commonly in the gut) and improve the diet. We may then have to remove toxins and provide the special nutrient needs the individual has. If necessary, we also address stress and sleep issues before we can finally swing chronic problems back towards good health again.”

Graeme’s special interest in gut – brain connection has enabled him to treat a number of related health conditions such as ADHD, autism, depression, and brain fog. There are also many other common problems stemming from digestive issues including acne, rosacea, eczema, skin rashes, and immune disorders such as Hashimotos disease of the thyroid, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Another area of his expertise is the use of the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and DNA tests. The OAT is a urine test that uncovers not only gut infections (particularly candida) but also urinary neurotransmitter levels; how the mitochondria in our cells are doing at producing our vital energy, it can also indicate any pollution-related toxicity damage as well as nutritional deficiencies. This test is helpful to indicate how the brain and metabolism is managing at the cell level with toxin exposure from the gut or environment, particularly useful to understand chronic fatigue, ADHD and autism.

The DNA testing that Graeme recommends to proactive clients is a simple saliva test (for those who wish to look more deeply at underlying genetic predispositions.) The test is only for factors that can be managed successfully so that prevention strategies can be informatively implemented. The DNA can reveal sluggish detoxification and tendencies towards anxiety, depression, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, estrogen issues and bone density risks. DNA testing allows Graeme to tailor the treatment to a patient’s individual symptoms and genetic profile, with a long term approach to correcting health needs. DNA results can also guide the diet and the type of sports that are most appropriate for that person, allowing truly personalized medicine. This is an ideal approach for those clients wishing to minimise the effect of DNA factors on their physical and mental health.

Graeme’s personal lifestyle includes gym fitness training, hill-walking, meditation practice, sailing, adventure travel and a healthy non-vegetarian diet – along with a few coffees and a drink or two per week. He is a father of three (34, 31 and 10 years old) and at 60, Graeme recently became a grandfather.

Language: English

Graeme’s methods: Naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, western medical herbalism, clinical nutrition and detox, homeopathy

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著名影星 李冰冰

“This is to express my heartfelt appreciation. I have had chronic bloating for many years, seen a lot of doctors and took so much medicines but there was no significant improvement. After I followed your treatment plan and took the prescriptions on time, my bloating conditions have been improved significantly, I’m very grateful for that. My best wishes to your practice and wellness.”

Bing Bing Li, actress

“Autistic Boy, aged 12.

My son was diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, and Tourette Syndrome from the age of 2 and it has been tough, as a mum, to see your child struggle through their young life.

We tried many treatments with varying degrees of success, and then last year, in 2017, we met Dr Graeme. Dr Graeme looked closely at my son’s diet. First treatment was to detox my son’s yeast, followed by his metal. This didn’t really help much but then Dr Graeme treated my son’s gut. He gave us some natural herbs to detox his gut – and this is where we saw a vast improvement. His social skills and cognitive improved, his logic thinking improved, even his school teacher was amazed at the change in him.

My son has less anxiety now, and always voluntarily raises his hand in class during recitation. After so many years seeking the right treatment, I am so happy and grateful that we found Dr Graeme. He is an amazing and understanding doctor.”

Margaret Lui