Dr Manisha Khiani




Dr Manisha Khiani




Dr Manisha Khiani



Areas of expertise

  • Single homeopathic remedy with a minimum dose
  • Skin problems, including dry, itchy skin
  • Mental health, including anxiety, depression, sleep issues and chronic fatigue
  • Women’s health and hormonal issues
  • Hayfever, rhinitis and respiratory health
  • Low immunity in children

“The highest ideal of a cure is rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health.”

Dr Manisha Khiani is a fully-qualified homeopath, with over nine years of experience healing hundreds of patients across the globe. Her dedication to her clients, compassionate and detail-oriented approach is reflected in her staggering success rate of over 90%.

“I am passionate about healing my patients with classical homeopathy. Part of my process is ensuring that I allow plenty of time and space to listen to your issues, suffering and trauma. This helps me to gain a greater understanding of your problems, so that I can find the exact remedy for your healing.”

As an experienced homeopath, Dr Manisha is well versed in the seven cardinal principles of homeopathy and follows them ardently. She specialises in two particular tenets: the single dose and minimum dose. Her unique style is defined by the melding of her scientific background and empathetic approach, as she uses both conventional knowledge and modern techniques in order to restore your health.

Able to treat both chronic and acute conditions effectively, Dr Khiani has helped many overcome respiratory issues, with exceptional results in treating skin issues. 

The speciality that lies close to her heart is treating stress-related disorders like anxiety, depression, sleep problems and chronic fatigue. She also excels in women’s health issues related to menstruation and pregnancy.

Dr Manisha’s care extends to your whole family too, as she enjoys working with children and has helped children recover from a range of issues like fever, cough, skin ailments and low immunity.

Dr Manisha has worked in our clinic for the past six years, with great success. She is a proud alumni of the well-reputed and globally recognized Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. There, she undertook 5 and a half years of study, before graduating with Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S). During this programme, she completed extensive clinical training in both the public and private sectors, and was mentored by Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, a renowned homeopath, who helped her to further hone her professional skills.

Languages: English, Hindi and Sindhi

Would you like to see Manisha?

Call +852 2523 7121 or book online to schedule your appointment below.

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“Chloe had been suffering from molluscum contagiosum and eczema for the past 9 months. As a parent, seeing the symptoms all over my child’s body caused great anxiety and frustration. It was challenging for me to navigate the best solutions for Chloe. We tried various ointments/creams/lotions/diets to no avail. I was feeling lost and hopeless. Thankfully, we were referred to Dr. Manisha and everything started to flip around! Upon our initial consultation, Dr. Manisha really took the time to understand Chloe as an individual – physically and mentally. Her professionalism and expertise assisted with my anxiety as a parent and with Chloe’s symptoms immediately. Dr. Manisha is experienced and most importantly, she really dose care about her patient’s wellbeing – that is what sets her apart from many practitioners. Dr. Manisha gave me her contact so I could reach out to her whenever I needed and she would respond quickly with advice. I highly recommend Dr. Manisha as she has completely helped eradicate Chloe’s molluscum contagiosum with her knowledge while improving the conditions of Chloe’s eczema. Dr. Manisha is kind, attentive, knowledgable, experienced and best of all, she cares.”


“If you are looking for homeopathy on treating childhood eczema, I’d definitely recommend Dr. Manisha for you. Both of my kids were treated with homeopathic medicines and they cleared 80% of the eczema patches on my daughter without the use of steroids. My son is even 100% cured from eczema without exposing to any type of steroids. It is really amazing and I feel really grateful for Dr. Manisha’s help. She definitely changed their lives.”

—Yat Chung Hsieh

“Wonderful experience with Dr Manisha. She is kind, patient and helpful. Not only has she taken care of my children’s allergies, she explained everything to us in a very clear way and follow up the case closely. I am very happy with her treatment. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in Homeopathic Treatment.”

—Winnie Yeung

“Dr. Manisha Khiani was God sent for me when I was struggling with hormonal imbalance. She immediately inspired confidence through her calm & attentive demeanour. She was also extremely patient & thorough in understanding my concerns, diagnosing my case and coming up with a treatment plan which was absolutely spot on.”

—Anupama Krishnan

“If u r finding any homeopathy dr. in hk ..I will suggest Dr.Manisha..She is very good doctor for helping the patient very calmly.She recoverd my son coughing problem . She goes in depth of patient ‘s behavior & recommend the medicine accordingly.”

—Shikha Bumb

“I went to Dr Manisha because after my second child I lost stamina and sometimes felt very breathless. She was very patient and her diagnosis’s are never one size fits all, its totally personalised. Within 2 days I was healed. Her diagnosis is based on your current mental health and the physical symptoms. I was very pleased. Thank you Dr Manisha.”

—Menka Purswaney Amin

“Dr. Manisha have really looked into history of medical issues I was having. Her medication have healed most of my health issues. Highly recommend her.”

—Gurpreet Kaur

“Dr Manisha Khiani is a very compassionate and caring doctor. She is unique in her approach to the patient. She took my life history, studied my emotions and accordingly prescribed the best medication tailored for me. When I met her in Feb 2021 she assured me with confidence that my illness (Auto-immune disease) will be brought under control. I had been suffering with severe skin allergies and internal aggravations for a long time. With her guidance and close monitoring I have made great progress and on the path to full recovery. Her assurance and positive approach gave me the much required confidence. Her personal touch and affable nature makes her very approachable. In all my experience with various doctors, Dr Manisha Khiani stands out and has made a great impact on my life. I wish her all the best in her career.”

—Chitra Sridhar

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