Homeopathy for children

Frequent Illness. Anxiety. Struggles at school. We want to support our children through all of it, but when the usual path doesn’t provide change, where can we turn?

Homeopathy offers a safe and gentle alternative. It’s well-suited to childhood issues and while it offers an effective treatment alone, it can be used alongside traditional medicine to support your children’s recovery.

Homeopathy works on the same principle as vaccination – that like cures like. It uses safe, diluted doses of substances to resolve issues like low immunity, anxiety, depression, skin problems and digestive conditions.

In a balanced body, these substances may cause the same symptoms that they cure in a person who is already experiencing them.

Homeopathy understands that we all have unique constitutions, and creates remedies tailored specifically to your child’s needs and body – based on both their physical and emotional state.

Benita Perch, IMI naturopathic doctor says, “I’ve been practising as a naturopathic doctor and homeopath for the last 15 years, but if I was told I could only use one of my modalities, it would be homeopathy. The results are profound. It’s a harder art, but when you get it right, it changes lives. People underestimate how in depth, scientific and personalised the process of finding the right remedy is. If you’ve tried shop-bought remedies and dismissed homeopathy as a whole because it hasn’t worked, then I urge you to see a really good homeopath who will find the right remedy for you – that’s when you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.”

Homeopathy and immunity

When Dr Manisha Khiani, IMI homeopathic doctor, met with a young boy, Sam, struggling with low immunity, she was told he was constantly falling sick and experiencing fevers and coughs every three weeks.

Dr Manisha examined his chest, which was clear. She also carried out iron and vitamin D tests – two common culprits for low immunity. The tests revealed that his iron and vitamin D levels were perfectly adequate.

During the consultation, Manisha learnt that he and his parents had recently moved to Hong Kong. Sam was struggling socially – he said that nobody talked to him and that other kids refused to play with him in the park.

He was sensitive, homesick and tended to cry a lot and feel upset when scolded.

Sensitivity and homesickness were two important aspects of his case. Dr Manisha considered his physical and emotional symptoms, prescribing him Natrum Muriaticum 200 every day for one month.

Within 3 months, he showed a drastic improvement, and his frequency of falling sick was reduced by 80%. As he continued his treatment, his parents were thrilled to see him happy, healthy and going back to school regularly.

Anxiety and depression

Sophie was 17 years old and had been diagnosed with anxiety. She was taking her exams, and her stress was peaking. She often cried and would get panic attacks during her exams. She had a racing heartbeat, sweaty palms and refused to go to school most days.

At home, Sophie’s behaviour revealed a different picture: she was direct with her parents and told Dr Manisha that she hated being told what to do. She also revealed that she likes spending most of her time by herself. She wanted to go to the best college in the USA and was very ambitious.

Considering these factors, Dr Manisha prescribed a daily dose of Sepia 200.

Just as people do, each homeopathic formula has a different constitution – and must be matched to the person taking the remedy. Sepia 200 was perfect for Sophie – strong, blunt, ambitious and independent.

Sophie came back each month for a check-up. She was back to going to school regularly, appeared for all her exams and passed the IB. Her moods and crying bouts were also reduced by 80% over 8 months.

For more comprehensive support for anxiety and depression, you may want to explore our counselling and psychotherapy services.

Brain health

A 6 year old boy, Max, and his mum came to see Dr Benita. Max was experiencing sensory issues, hypersensitivity to noise – especially in the classroom. He was having difficulty coping with a changing routine and many fears, from dogs and birds to thunderstorms and the dark.

This information guided Benita to use Phosphorus 200 – kids who require this remedy are often sensitive to noise and have lots of fears. When Phosphorus kids are out of balance and stressed, they shut down and become overwhelmed and unable to cope – which was clear for Max.

Two additional details helped define this remedy as the right one for Max. He would only drink very cold water, which is specific to Phosphorus, and he was also very affectionate when he felt stressed, needing cuddles and kisses – another quality of Phosphorus.

As an integrative homeopath, Benita also assessed Max’s dietary needs, tested him for food intolerances, and used supplements and herbs to support his healing. They found out Max was intolerant to dairy, so removed this from his diet. As Max was resistant to taking pills, Benita prescribed him water-soluble formulas of probiotics, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D to support him nutritionally.

When Benita first saw Max, he was in a very anxious space, refusing to go to school in the morning and didn’t want to play with his peers or join in at school. After being on Phosphorus for a few weeks, the changes were clear. He was more comfortable and beginning to join in.

Now, Max has been on phosphorus for a year and a half. He did very well in kindergarten and continues to do well now that he has entered his first year of school. Max is fully integrated into his class, coping well and happy to join in. Homeopathy really helped shift the situation for him and his family.

Dr Benita also works alongside a speech therapist and integrative therapist in order to ensure that kids with sensory issues have all their needs met.

Our homeopaths

Our trained homeopaths can help enhance your kids health. Other conditions homeopathy can help treat include digestive issues and pain, low mood, skin health, sleep problems, headaches and joint pain.

Graeme Bradshaw is an experienced naturopath and homeopath and began practicing in 1985. His areas of expertise include the gut / brain connection, immune support and skin health.

Dr Benita Perch combines her expertise in homeopathy with naturopathy, modern diagnostic testing, functional medicine and clinical nutrition. She specialises in children’s health, from skin to immunity and behavioural and emotional challenges like stress, anxiety, depression and sleep issues.

Dr Manisha Khiani is a homeopath specialising in a single homeopathic remedy with a minimum dose. Her areas of expertise include low immunity and supporting kids with anxiety, depression and sleep issues, as well as skin problems like dry, itchy skin. Manisha creates intentional space for you to discuss your emotions so she can find the homeopathic cure that’s right for you.

Mina Weight is a homeopath specialising in mental and emotional health, from anxiety, to depression and your child’s relationship with food. She also specialises in sleep disorders and digestive problems like constipation.

In summary

Homeopathic remedies are created with your child’s specific constitution in mind, to create sustainable healing. From immunity, to brain health, mental health, digestive concerns, skin conditions and more, our homeopaths can put your kids on the path to recovery.

What’s next?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle complimentary practise. If you’d like to explore how it could support your children’s wellbeing, connect with us below.

Guide your body back to its natural state of wellness with our homeopaths. Connect with us below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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