How to get youthful, glowing skin the natural way

The pandemic has affected women in multiple ways – right down to the state of their skin. Dry or dull skin, dark circles, frown lines, clogged pores, or spots, know you’re not alone. In fact, many clients we support say they feel they’ve aged since the pandemic and it’s showing on their skin. It’s no wonder given the increased responsibilities, stress and oftentimes, sleep deprivation so many women are currently dealing with.

The good news? You can do something about it – beyond a trip to your dermatologist’s clinic for Botox.

At IMI, we’re huge fans of the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating Qi beauty™ facial treatment. Pro-healing and pain-free, it’s perfect for women in need of some pampering or to correct problem skin, naturally.

Here, Dr Ji Woon Min, IMI Naturopathic Doctor and certified Qi beauty practitioner, gives the lowdown on this uplifting beauty treatment.

What is the Qi beauty treatment?

Qi (pronounced Chi) beauty treatment is a natural treatment designed to detox and rejuvenate your skin from within. It works by using 1000 gold plated magnets to tap into the energy centres on your face. By stimulating facial acupuncture points and creating a unique facial matrix just for you, it restores your youthful glow and younger-looking skin. The beauty of this facial is that unlike most cosmetic procedures, it doesn’t take 5-10 sessions to see results. You see visible results in just one treatment.

What can the Qi beauty treatment help with?

The Qi beauty facial is proven to

  • Soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduce dark circles, redness, spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduce facial sag and loss of volume.
  • Restore and define facial contours like your cheeks and jawline.

How does the Qi beauty treatment compare to other cosmetic procedures?

Like many other cosmetic procedures, the Qi beauty facial is an anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatment. What sets Qi beauty apart is the pro-healing effect. It focuses on protecting and strengthening the skin barrier to restore healthy and resilient skin.

Meanwhile, other cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels attempt to smoothen the skin by peeling and disrupting the skin barrier. Compromised skin barrier can lead to sensitive, red, dry, and dehydrated skin and is a common culprit among those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Another significant benefit of Qi beauty is that it energises your skin cells by creating a controlled Static Magnetic Field, facilitating oxygenation, regeneration and lymphatic drainage. Unlike treatments like Dermapen or Dermaroller, which stimulate collagen production by inducing micro inflammation or Botox, which involves injecting substances that paralyze your muscles, the Qi beauty facial lifts, sculpts, and creates volume for a natural and healthy appearance.

Finally, with no bruising, there is no down time or recovery period after a Qi beauty facial. You can enjoy this facial before your wedding day, before an important photo shoot, or an interview. There is also a maintenance home kit available that helps you maintain the results by continuously stimulating and energizing your skin between treatments.

Who is the Qi beauty treatment suitable for?

This facial is suitable for all ages and skin types. As it’s a non-invasive treatment and numbing cream is not needed, it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Entirely tailored to suit a person’s skin needs, I would typically focus on Detox facial matrix for younger individuals with dark circles and acne-prone skin, and Anti-aging matrix for mature skin.

How can you get the best results from the Qi beauty treatment?

At IMI, we take an integrated healing approach to health and wellness. Your skin is one of the largest organs that reflects the health of your body systems. Ask yourself: How does your skin look after a full night’s sleep? What about after your daily fix of coffees and sleepless nights? I have noticed that the results of a Qi beauty treatment are magnified in people who are well hydrated and eat a healthy, nutritious diet. What you put inside your body is as important as what you put on your skin. To truly help and heal your skin, it’s important to look after your bodies both inside and out.

Whether you’re in need of a pampering (who isn’t?) or looking to address ageing or problem skin, the Qi beauty treatment will give your skin the loving it deserves.

To schedule your appointment, call +852 2523 7121 or connect with us here.

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