About IMI

The largest natural medicine clinic in Hong Kong

Welcome to IMI-Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), a multi-award-winning natural medicine clinic committed to your health and wellbeing. As Hong Kong and Asia’s largest alternative health clinic, we’ve led the integrated and holistic way for over 25 years. We’ve helped thousands of clients – from newborns and babies, growing children and teens, to young and older adults – live healthy, happy and well. We are committed to helping you too.

IMI’s guiding philosophy is to support you to Heal, Balance, Evolve. For complete and sustainable health and wellness, we strive to

  • heal your body and mind of illness by finding and treating the underlying causes of health concerns,
  • balance your mind, emotions and energy to maintain long-term wellbeing,
  • empower you to evolve toward living life with greater awareness, compassion and intention.

To achieve this, we take an integrated approach to healing. Drawing on decades of scientific research and clinical experience, we’ve identified seven key factors that influence your health and wellbeing: mind, body, emotions, energy, spirit, environment and community. When one or more is out of balance, your whole being is out-of-balance. This can cause or exacerbate a wide range of health issues from easy-to-fix aches and pains to more complex chronic conditions.

Through in-depth consultations and, when relevant, diagnostic testing, we see beyond the superficial and offer concrete, lasting solutions. We provide personalised treatment plans, ongoing support, and the education and tools you need to help you heal, balance and evolve. Here to support you on your health journey are over twenty highly qualified and experienced medical and natural health practitioners all under one roof. Naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, medical doctors, clinical nutritionists, Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese and Japanese acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractic doctors, psychologists, counsellors and more.

For your convenience, IMI’s natural medicine and herbal dispensary

the largest of its kind in Asia – is also in-clinic. You can buy an extensive range of high-quality, clinical-grade vitamins and supplements, health products and organic snacks at our store. Or for convenience, you can buy online at shop.imi.com.hk and have your supplements delivered direct to your door.

As a private shareholding company, we’re proud our shareholders and team of directors are also practicing practitioners, upholding the ‘integrity of healing’ at the core of every business decision. Your health and wellbeing will always be our priority.

Our four directors and partners:

Graeme Bradshaw is a renowned senior naturopathic practitioner and IMI’s Founding Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. While maintaining his practice, Graeme is committed to raising standards of clinical excellence through technical research and development, education, training, and mentorship. 

Carole Bradshaw is a UK trained and registered Core Process Psychotherapist. Carole joined IMI in 2010 as a shareholder and partner. From 2011 to 2017 she led IMI as Managing Director, working with the team to re-ignite IMI’s vision, integrated healing approach and subsequent expansion. Carole continues to guide IMI’s concept and strategic development while maintaining her practice.

Dr Benita Perch (ND) is a well-respected senior naturopathic physician and classical homeopath. Dr Benita Perch joined IMI in 2012 and in 2014 she became a shareholder and director; more recently she was appointed IMI’s Managing Director. While maintaining her practice, Dr Benita Perch continues to infuse a wealth of clinical and integrative knowledge into the organisation’s operations and development.

Tej BG is an Australian-trained senior naturopath, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist; he joined IMI in 2005. One of our long-standing practitioners Tej BG became a shareholder and non-executive director in 2015. While supporting IMI’s overall development he is committed to helping a vast cross-section of patients of all ages.

Heal. Balance. Evolve

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