Intravenous (IV) & injected vitamin therapies

An immediate immunity and energy boost

We offer Intravenous (IV) and injected vitamin therapies to give you an immediate energy boost, build up your immunity and help cleanse your body of toxins – leaving you feeling hydrated and re-energised.

Our qualified medical doctors will administer a natural mix of vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. In bypassing the digestive system, a higher than normal blood levels of nutrients can be achieved to provide immediate therapeutic effect.

IV therapy and injected vitamin therapies is particularly useful in preparing your body against the upcoming cold and flu season. But not only that many of our clients choose to come in for periodic injections because it enhances their overall wellbeing.

Studies have shown nutritional IVs help with a number of health conditions:

  • Viral and bacterial infections (including post infection recovering)
  • Sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain (including arthritis and fibromyalgia)
  • Lyme Disease
  • Heterogeneous conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes)
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Chronic sinusitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Depression, anxiety and the effects of acute and chronic stress
  • Hormone imbalances (including Dysmenorrhea)
  • Heart conditions (e.g. Angina, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure)
  • Cancer (as a complementary therapy)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Skin health (including anti-ageing and improving skin, hair and nails)
  • Overall wellbeing

And many more…

Injected B12 (IV B12)

Vitamin B12 is a key nutrient that has an essential role in the healthy functioning of the brain and central nervous system. It is also a key building block of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 can help protect you against stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease. It also has the added benefit of boosting your moods, increasing your energy, keeping your skin, hair and nail healthy and improving memory and concentration. Vitamin B12 is also crucial in preventing cancer from forming in the body. B12 is mainly found in animal foods, such as fish, meat, dairy products and eggs, which is why vegans and some vegetarians are at higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Injected B complex Vitamins

B vitamins play key roles in improving and protecting your health. Injected B complex helps boosts metabolism, increase energy, enhances mood, mental clarity, improves stamina, encourages weight loss, and promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. Injected B complex can treat many health conditions such as depression, headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and anemia.

High dose Intravenous Vitamins C (IVC)

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and essential in making collagen. Our body is only able to absorb certain levels of vitamin C orally, taking more than 300mg at one time will decrease the absorption and may even cause diarrhea. With intravenous (IV) drips of vitamin C, we can deliver up to 100 times the normal blood levels harmlessly with immediate therapeutic benefits. IVC therapy can help increase your resilience to colds and flu and other common viral and bacterial infections. It can also be used to treat exhaustion, boost the immune systems, brighten the skin and encourage collagen as well as lower hypertension and guard against heart disease. It is also a valid complementary therapy in treating cancer.

What’s next?

If you would like to book an intravenous therapy session with one of our medical doctors, simply call +852 2523 7121 or complete your request below, and we will be in touch shortly to confirm your appointment.

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