Diagnostics & lab testing

Identify root causes and promote preventive care

We provide a complete range of laboratory tests using saliva, blood, urine, stool samples as well as hair mineral analysis. Our naturopathic and functional medicine tests can include any of the following:

  • Food intolerance tests (IgG)
  • Food and environmental allergy tests (IgE)
  • Comprehensive parasitology, bacteriology and mycology of the gut
  • Testing for the gut microbiome DNA with a “GI Map”
  • Testing for a leaky gut or intestinal permeability
  • Testing for digestive enzyme deficiencies
  • Urinary organic acid testing for gut and metabolic issues
  • Nutrients in blood tests such as vitamin D, B12, iron, zinc etc
  • Standard blood tests for cholesterol, blood sugar balance, liver function, immunity, inflammation, hormones etc
  • 24 hour urinary tests for a deeper analysis of hormonal balance (e.g. DUTCH test for the sex and adrenal hormones)
  • Heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium etc)
  • Mycotoxin and environmental pollutants
  • DNA testing – selected DNA that has health or nutritional effects which we can modify by lifestyle and dietary choices

These tests can be ordered through our medical doctors, which can be helpful in regards to your insurance claims. Our naturopathic practitioners can also recommend specific diagnostic testing for your particular health needs.

Additionally, IMI can perform anti-aging profiles for hormones, nutritional deficiency as well as standard blood tests including “well woman” and “well man”, thyroid, adrenal, liver and immunity assessments.

How to order

Our team of Naturopaths can recommend the most appropriate test based on your conditions and health needs, and then device a personalised treatment plan based on your test results. If you know the exact test you need and do not need a treatment plan, you may book the desired test through one of our Medical Doctors to get started. Please call 2523 7121 or fill in the enquiry e-form.

Our Integral Health Advisor can provide more information about these tests.

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