Meet our bodyworkers

“We don’t just ask “Where do you hurt?” and treat the painful part; we find and address the root cause for sustainable healing.”

—‘Is the pandemic causing your pain’, Victor Bourdeau, director and senior osteopath at IMI.

Many of us accept aches and pains as a part of daily life, but they don’t have to be. Whether caused by work, stress, or sports, our osteopaths, chiropractors and sports massage therapists are here to help you get back to what you love, pain-free.


Victor Bourdeau

Victor Bourdeau is a senior osteopath at IMI, skilled in supporting clients with injury prevention, injury recovery, and taking their training performance to the next level.

He specialises in treating musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular system and digestive dysfunctions, headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, injuries and post-operative care.

Victor also practises craniosacral therapy, helping clients let go of trauma stored in the body, while releasing energetic blockages for better emotional balance.


Jonathon Vallade

Jonathan Vallade is a highly qualified osteopath whose practise is enriched by his experience as a physical trainer, award-winning martial arts practitioner, and yogi.

Jonathan is skilled at creating personalised, sustainable plans to treat clients with sporting injuries, musculoskeletal and nerve pain problems, digestive disorders and migraines.

He also offers sports massage therapy, and is able to help clients improve their yoga and martial arts practise providing them with a deep understanding of their body.


Maxi Schönteich

Maxi Schönteich is a multi-disciplinary practitioner, blending her expertise in osteopathy, nutrition and functional medicine.

Her speciality is identifying and treating the underlying, often hidden, causes of complex pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Her gentle style is well-suited to babies and infants, and she treats a range of conditions including colic, reflux, plagiocephaly and breastfeeding difficulties.

Other areas of expertise include IBS and digestive health; stress and sleep; musculoskeletal pain including jaw pain, headaches, back and neck pain.

Osteopathy uses techniques like stretching and massage in order to increase mobility, relieve muscle tightness, and improve blood flow in order to help the body heal.

Osteopathy also improves the energetic flow throughout the body, releasing blockages and tension for greater emotional wellbeing.

Craniosacral osteopathy is a gentle, subtle branch of osteopathy which releases stress from the nervous system. This form of osteopathy is particularly useful for anyone suffering with sleep issues, anxiety or depression.

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Sports massage helps release tension, for better performance during training, and improved emotional wellbeing. It reduces pain and inflammation, supporting recovery post-workout, or after injury.

This therapy also helps reduce stress while improving quality of sleep, relaxation and mental clarity. Sports massage can help a wide range of people, from athletes of all levels, gym-goers, or anyone with stress, including parents and those working within the corporate world.

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What’s next?

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