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Victor Bourdeau is a Director and Senior Osteopath at IMI. A registered member of the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association, he is skilled at supporting clients with injury prevention, injury recovery, and optimal performance. Committed to identifying and treating the root cause of health concerns, he specialises in treating musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular system and digestive organ dysfunctions, headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, sports injuries, and post-operative care.

Katia is one of the first UK-trained Nutritional Therapists to practice in Hong Kong. She helps clients optimize their nutrition to achieve various goals such as improved energy, weight loss, hormonal balance, athletic performance and recovery, healthy ageing etc. Katia has a special interest in solving women’s hormonal and chronic stress-related conditions.

Dr Brian H. Leung (DC)(ND) is one of the few doctors in the world to hold dual-doctorates in the field of natural medicine. With doctorates in chiropractic and naturopathy, he treats adults and children with health conditions like muscle and joint pain, musculoskeletal and spinal conditions, shoulder and neck pain, ankle pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, headaches, digestive issues, mental health challenges and learning difficulties. Dr Leung also serves as the on-site, corporate wellness doctor for Lane Crawford and Joyce Group.

Philip Watkins has over 10 years’ clinical experience in the fields of naturopathy, homeopathy, and functional medicine. He treats adults and children with a wide range of health concerns including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and digestive issues. Philip is also a sought-out corporate wellness speaker and educator at IMI Corporate.

Dr Carlie Grindey is a mental health counsellor, craniosacral therapist and health coach who offers clients a safe space to access the source of mental and physical health challenges and find a way forward. Her therapeutic and coaching work is backed by three decades of experience as a UK trained medical and psychiatric doctor. She draws on psychotherapeutic and ontological techniques, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), as well as HeartMath breathing, Meditation, and Craniosacral therapy to help clients restore calm and clarity, so the best outcome can be realised.

Mariko Hiyama is a facial reflexologist and Yoga and Qi Gong teacher, committed to helping clients restore emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Highly perceptive at sensing and responding to health concerns, Mariko draws on facial reflex therapy to stimulate reflex points, zones, and nerve points in the face to improve circulation and nerve conduction, encourage the release of toxins from the body, and address underlying imbalances.

Jessica Lau is a Counselling Psychologist who provides psychotherapy to teenagers, emerging adults and adults. She helps clients through anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, shame and self-hatred. And, as a grief counsellor, she helps her clients deal with the loss of family and friends, pets, or health and physical functions.

Eugnice is a certified counsellor with professional training in psychotherapy and psychological counselling. She is particularly skilled at working with people who feel lost or stuck in their lives, and family and couples with relationship or communication issues. Eugnice applies psychodynamic psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Bowen Family Therapy and mindfulness to her session work.

Dr. Melissa Lee is a Canadian naturopathic physician passionate about supporting all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health. She is particularly skilled at identifying the root causes of stress, skin issues, allergies, digestive health concerns and hormonal dysregulation, and working with clients to create tailored, long-term solutions.

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