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“The spiritual path is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.”

—Ram Das

IMI recognizes the inter-connectedness of mind, body, emotions, and spirit and offers mindfulness and meditation as a way to go beyond physical health, to healing and supporting personal growth. IMI is a resource for authentic teachings, practices, and programmes to awaken awareness and evolve consciousness.

IMI’s Monday Meditation is a compassionate, mindful community that comes together for shared spiritual practice with like-minded, supportive others.

As we each face our own inner and outer challenges, spiritual practices and techniques allow us to develop inner resources and spiritual understanding to meet these in a conscious, aware, compassionate way. We release hindrances and move beyond our old, dysfunctional patterning (Samsaras) and our limited notions of identity that restrict our happiness. We accept and embrace these limitations with compassion, and focus instead on evolved qualities (Bramaviharas) that cultivate true inner happiness and tranquility. We gain wisdom and insight for our deeper healing and spiritual awakening. Over time, we evolve, transform, and reconnect with our authentic selves, and are able to lead a more fully conscious life, a new way of Being – the gift of human life and our birthright.

The IMI Mindfulness Community offers a wide range of transformative practices: mantras, chanting, kirtans; Pranayama breathing; Heart Centred practices; Kindfulness (mindfulness practiced with wisdom and compassion); Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion (Karuna), Loving-kindness (Metta); Mindfulness – observing, witnessing the mind, the Play of Consciousness, non-judgmentally;  finding tranquility, stillness within; experiencing the interconnectedness of all things and a deep connection to Oneness.

Together we share joy, wisdom, and appreciation.

The benefits of meditation are well documented and go beyond spiritual and emotional. There are many and include switching our stressed bodies from sympathetic to parasympathetic response, training and rewiring our brain to become empathic, to focus where we choose (mindfulness versus mindlessness), relaxation and its ensuing health benefits, improved intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

This mindfulness session is currently held on a Monday evening and will encourage you to explore a variety of approaches from each of the different facilitators and traditions.

The class runs from 6:45pm to 7:45pm with arrival from 6:30pm.

If you are new to the sessions or to mindfulness practice, we ask that you arrive at 18:30 for some basic introduction and guidance.

Format: We are currently offering sessions online only.

Dates for upcoming sessions:

  • 1 July - public holiday
  • 8 July - Graeme Bradshaw
  • 15 July - Catriona Rogers
  • 22 July - no class
  • 29 July - Cristina Rodenbeck

Cost:  We do not charge you. Our practitioners embrace the spiritual practice of Seva – selfless service.  You may choose to contribute monetarily (Dakshina) and your donation will go to IMI’s selected charity, VIVA, which supports education of children in need in over 21 countries.

Commitment: The best results for you will happen when you commit to regular practice and ideally attend in person at IMI’s 17/F.  This way we can experience the benefits of communal practice and our Mindfulness Community. However for accessibility, some sessions will continue to happen online.

Catriona Rogers

Catriona, a counsellor, facilitates meditation as a way to still the mind, centre in the heart, and experience connection with all pervading universal unity consciousness – the underlying reality of our essential nature and a peace which remains unbroken no matter what external circumstances or internal mental torments present themselves.

Her path of inner transformation for 30 years has been Siddha Yoga, the Way of the Heart. She has trained with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, in Healing Visualisation and Contemplation at the Australian Gawler Foundation, Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR),the Mindfulness Potential Project, and has led MBSP (Mindfulness Based Strength Practice) programmes. She participates regularly in silent retreats, attends weekly satsang, and practices meditation daily.

Cristina Rodenbeck

Having explored sound healing and mindfulness on her personal journey, Cristina brings her unique style to Monday Mindfulness. She artfully blends Kirtan (the rhythmic repetition of powerful yet gentle mantras) and her own mindfulness techniques to build a greater consciousness of breath and a deep sense of peace from within. No experience is necessary for these sessions, only the will to begin, find your voice, and open your heart.

Cristina is our licensed wellness practitioner with over 15 years of experience in teaching mindfulness. She has certifications in Mindfulness Coaching Mastery, Advanced Mindfulness Coaching, as well as having completed the Potential Project Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (M.B.S.R.) Programs.

Graeme Bradshaw

Born into a Christian family, and maintaining his connection to Christ, Graeme has explored Buddhism extensively since 1980 including retreats such as Vipassana, Metta Meditation, Big Mind (with Zen Master Genpo Rochi, achieving accreditation as a facilitator in the method relating to “mindfulness of the mind”), more recently applying some of the Tibetan transformational mantra techniques, and as a student of Buddha Maitreya, (a reincarnated master and formerly a founder in Tibetan Buddhism) discovering the dharma for our era. Combined with 35 years as a Naturopath, Graeme’s insight can often be helpful in guiding others to appropriate transformational practices and awareness.

Carole Bradshaw

Carole’s exposure to mindfulness teachings began in her discovery of yoga practices over twenty years ago. Her calling was so profound it inspired her to break from her career where she immersed herself into the study and practice of yoga, gaining teaching qualifications and advanced trainings in asana, pranayama and philosophy. From here, she sought to integrate her spiritual understanding and commercial background to create and lead conscious businesses with meaningful influence.

After becoming a mother, Carole found resonance in the Buddhist teachings and trained to be a Core Process psychotherapist at the highly respected Karuna Institute. She combines this deep understanding and compassion into her mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic work with clients, and to her mindfulness teachings.

Angie Bucu (guest facilitator)

Angie Bucu is a Hong Kong based Mindfulness Teacher, Instructor & Teacher Trainer. Passionate about sharing the beneficial effect of incorporating mindfulness and meditation practice, and the practice of mindful actions, into daily life, Angie offers a range of teachings to help transform lives.

Angie has been a meditation practitioner for more than 15 years and has been teaching and training in the field of Mindfulness and Meditation for the past 10 years. She offers the successful Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, in a group setting, providing a safe and respectful way to learn how mindfulness can change our lives. She also offers other Mindfulness-Based Programs and customised short courses to suit different settings including companies and schools. Angie is an Insight Dialogue facilitator offering Introduction to Insight Dialogue courses.

Building Community

To build a community and further support teachers and practitioners of mindfulness, Angie organizes, and at sometimes leads, retreats ranging from 1-day to multiple-day retreats with other teachers from the Mindfulness teaching community and the HK Insight Meditation Society.

Angie has lived in Hong Kong since 1992 and transitioned from her role as a Director at a ‘Big 4’ professional services firm to pursue a more holistic career and life. You can find out more about Angie on our website or at the HK Mindfulness Teachers Network or on LinkedIn

Our facilitators have chosen a few of their favourite mindfulness and meditation resources that they can personally recommend.


  • The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World
  • Full Catastrophe Living
  • True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh


If you would like to sign up to our Monday Mindfulness group practice or make an enquiry, click on the button and connect with us below.

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