Mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcers are painful lumps or patches on the inside of your mouth or underneath your tongue.

Usually they resolve on their own, but if your ulcer lasts longer than a couple of weeks, or you’re experiencing recurrent mouth ulcers, you should see your healthcare practitioner.

Recurrent mouth ulcers could be a sign of a weak immunity or allergy. Our naturopaths can help confirm the root cause through testing and assessment.

Mouth ulcers may present as sores or lumps inside the mouth or under the tongue. They’re usually sore and tender to touch.

Spicy, salty and sour foods can aggravate ulcers. Braces and other sharp objects in the mouth can cause further irritation.

The most common cause of mouth ulcers is biting the inside of your mouth. Cuts and burns can also lead to mouth ulcers.

For this reason, you’re more likely to develop ulcers if you have something abrasive in your mouth, like poorly fitting dentures, braces, rough fillings or a sharp tooth.

Other causes of mouth ulcers include poor immunity, allergies, stress and insufficient levels of nutrients, particularly B vitamins.

Other causes include food intolerances, gut health and low immunity.

Our practitioners can assess the root cause of recurrent ulcers. Our industry leading tests can identify low levels of nutrients, as well as allergies.

Through assessment, our practitioners can identify if you’re suffering from low immunity.

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