Dr Ardyce Yik (ND)

Naturopathic Physician

BSc, ND (Canada)


Dr Ardyce Yik (ND)

Naturopathic Physician

BSc, ND (Canada)

Areas of expertise

  • Women’s health and hormonal issues
  • Fertility and pregnancy issues
  • Children’s ailments
  • Thyroid disorders and adrenal fatigue
  • Naturopathic weight loss

Recognised in 2022 as a leading ‘Woman of Wellness’ in Hong Kong, Dr Ardyce Yik is one of the first Canadian-licensed naturopathic physicians to practise in Hong Kong. She treats a wide range of conditions including women’s health concerns, skin conditions, children’s ailments, thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue and stress-related illness, and provides integrative care for patients diagnosed with various types of cancer. She also supervises the IMI Be Your Best Weight Management Program.

“By listening to your full health history and investigating the fundamental causes of your health problems, I use natural medicine to rebalance, correct, replenish and restore. I provide personalised, proactive health care to support your body to achieve and maintain optimal health.”

In practice, Dr Yik focuses especially on women’s health concerns such as infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menstrual and menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and pre- and post-natal care. She also enjoys working with children and has extensive experience with children’s health conditions ranging from strengthening immunity, skin ailments, and allergies to nutrition-related concerns.

Dr Yik earned her degree with distinction in Human Biology from the University of Toronto and graduated from the naturopathic medical program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has experience in hospital settings working with amputees and disabled children as well as children with special needs. To keep her knowledge up to date, Dr Yik regularly pursues continuing medical education courses offered by Harvard Medical School. She is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Besides maintaining a family practice, Dr Yik shares her expertise through educational articles in various print media as well as to corporates and institutions including McKinsey & Co., Morgan Stanley, Nomura Group, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International School and Bloomberg Television. She is the author of the book, COVID-19 AND YOU: 20 Ways to Support Your Health. You can follow her health blog here.

In addition to caring for patients and writing articles for her blog, Dr. Yik also enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and husband. She understands the challenges associated with juggling the demands of motherhood, a home, a career and everything in-between. She often shares her pearls of wisdom in practice, empowering patients to find balance and fulfilment in life.

As a licensed and regulated Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Yik is prohibited from including client testimonials that promise or guarantee results.

Language: English, Cantonese

易雁嘉醫生 – 註冊自然療法醫生

易雁嘉醫生獲選為2022年度 “Woman of Wellness” (在健康生活領域作出貢獻的女性)之一。加拿大註冊的易醫生是將自然療法從北美引進香港的先驅之一。易醫生在加拿大接受自然療法的教育和訓練,先在多倫多大學以優異的成績獲得人類生物學理學學士,進而到加拿大醫學院攻讀自然醫學系,並完成博士學位。此外,易醫生更一直定期修讀美國哈佛大學醫學院的持續進修醫學課程,以緊貼最新的醫學技術發展。易醫生擁有醫院工作的經驗,曾協助截肢者、殘疾和有特殊需要的兒童。她在非藥物治療(自然醫學)委員會註冊,後者乃是加拿大安大略省自然醫學的管理機構。

易醫生治療過多種疾病,包括消化道疾病、濕疹、婦女健康問題如月經紊亂和多囊卵巢綜合征、兒童疾病、肝病、焦慮、慢性刺激/腎上腺性疲勞等。同時,她也為診斷患有不同類型的癌症的病人提供綜合治療。易醫生亦監督IMI Weight Loss 2.0 減重療程。



易醫生除了任職家庭醫生外,亦會定期為香港不同媒體,例如South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Parents’ Journal, AsiaApa等寫作,也在 McKinsey & Co., Morgan Stanley, Nomura Group, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong 以及 Hong Kong International School 等機構主持健康講座。她曾以自然療法醫學專家的身份現身於 Bloomberg Television,也是”新冠肺炎與你: 大流行期間的20項健康要訣“的作者。

除了照顧病人和在博客上寫作外,易醫生非常喜歡和享受與三個孩子和丈夫一起渡過的時光。 她了解如何兼顧母親、家庭、工作等一切相關的挑戰。她亦經常與求診者分享自己的經驗並提供建議,使求診者能夠在生活中找到平衡和感到充實。

語言: 英語、廣東話

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