Katia Demekhina

Nutritional Therapist

MSc Nutrition (UK), Sports Nutrition (CISNCert),

ALM Psychology (Harvard), NLP, BANT, IFM


Katia Demekhina

Nutritional Therapist

MSc Nutrition (UK), Sports Nutrition (CISNCert), ALM Psychology (Harvard), NLP, BANT, IFM


Katia Demekhina

Nutritional Therapist

MSc Nutrition (UK), Sports Nutrition (CISNCert), ALM Psychology (Harvard), NLP, BANT, IFM

Areas of expertise

  • Hormonal health, particularly related to menstruation and PMS
  • Nutritional support for healthy pregnancy: before, during and after
  • Stress and resilience
  • Nutritional psychology: emotional regulation, cognitive function, anxiety, sleep issues
  • Nutrition: diet assessment, personalised dietary plans for a range of health goals and conditions, sports nutrition and weight loss

“Symptoms are like warning lights on your car dashboard. Instead of suppressing your symptoms, we turn towards them to gain powerful insight into the root causes of ill-health. We then work closely to negotiate an individual nutritional, lifestyle and supplements program that works for your unique needs and challenges. Functional testing can be used to take out the guesswork and achieve quick and effective results.””

Katia Demekhina is one of the first UK-trained Nutritional Therapists to practice in Hong Kong. A hormonal health specialist relieving menstrual problems like symptoms of PMS and more, she guides women to reclaim control of their bodies and emotions.

Katia also helps women and their partners on their journey to parenthood, throughout pregnancy and during the post-natal period.

In addition, Katia works with clients to optimize their nutrition to help achieve various goals such as improved energy, enhanced athletic performance and recovery, weight loss, as well as optimizing diets for clients’ DNA profiling.

Have you ever experienced a complete burnout, debilitating anxiety, fatigue, bloating or PMS with no medical explanation for your feelings? Katia did too, and by turning to nutritional therapy she now feels better in her forties than she did in her twenties.

In her practice, Katia utilises a functional medicine approach to health. Functional medicine views the body as an interconnected web-like structure of different systems and functions. Imbalances within these systems can manifest as symptoms or illnesses. By spending time listening to the client and gathering their history, Katia helps identify such root causes of ill-health as nutrition, genetic or acquired predisposition, environmental factors, and behavioural and psychological influences. She then customises a personalised plan to diet, lifestyle and supplements to help your body achieve and maintain optimal health. Katia also uses neuro-linguistic programming techniques to help clients build new habits and an environment that reinforce their healthy future.


  • Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition (Middlesex University, UK)
  • Master’s degree in Psychology (Harvard University, US)
  • Accredited practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (UK)
  • Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition (CISN, UK)
  • Nutrigenomics training (LifeCode GX, UK)


  • Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

Katia lives on Hong Kong island with her husband, son, and two cats. With a decade-long career working in the financial markets, she has first-hand experience of the impact stress can have on one’s health and understands the challenges women face trying to balance family, work, home, and other life demands. Katia is an avid cook passionate about creating exciting and nutritious family meals and healthy feasts for special occasions. She loves to practice yoga and spend time in nature, hiking or paddle boarding in her spare time.


English, Russian, Ukrainian

Would you like to see Katia?

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“Katia helped me understand what was going on internally and gave me the confidence to include new foods within my diet and understand the benefits of having alternative food choices and the role each food played within my digestion; her results were spot on. I felt so much better within myself and my daily life, which was far beyond what I was expecting. Katia creates a safe space to discuss anything you need to, I found it very easy to open up to her… Katia’s knowledge retention from all of our conversations was fantastic, she always remembered what we had discussed and was able to link topics from each of our sessions back when coming up with new suggestions or explaining to me why I might be feeling a certain way.

Sarah. M

I had issues with my thyroid and was stressed out about many things. I moved to HK during the pandemic, it wasn’t easy for me to meet new people and have new friends. I spent a lot of time by myself and putting all my power into my job. When I met Katia, I started a journey with her that helped me a lot. We talked a lot, she asked me many questions about my living style, about my work, my life in general. I started to follow a different diet, eating more but healthier, doing more exercise, sleeping better. I got help also from supplements that I still take on daily basis. Katia taught me some breathing exercises too, that I was using when I was really stressed. I started after few months to slowly to feel better, more energetic, I lost few kg too. And now, I definitely take stress in a different way. The experience with Katia was a great help, mentally and physically.”


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