Optimising your health and wellness with Dr Benita Perch – Over Forty Wellness Podcast

In the podcast Benita shares her story of why she chose Naturopathic Medicine and she describes herself as being like a General Practitioner that uses Natural Medicine. Benita also shares how she helps a lot of clients to get pregnant, sharing a story of how she assisted a client in their journey to becoming pregnant, emphasizing her holistic approach.

We also discuss what Benita sees as the five big causes why her clients’ health gets out of balance and how its not usually just one but is often a combination of causes. Benita emphasizes that we can help ourselves by paying attention to our hydration, nutrition, movement and she emphasizes the importance of sleep and getting some exposure to sunshine. Bringing wellness into everyday life is a key goal. Benita is passionate about wanting to make people well and the world a better place. Please enjoy the podcast.

Click below to play the podcast:

You can also download the mp3 full version here

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