Maxi Schönteich

Osteopath & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

MOst, PgCert, DipNT, IFMCP


Maxi Schönteich

Osteopath & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

MOst, PgCert, DipNT, IFMCP


Maxi Schönteich

Osteopath & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

MOst, PgCert, DipNT, IFMCP

Areas of expertise:

  • Musculoskeletal pain including back, neck or jaw pain and headaches
  • Complex and chronic pain including autoimmune conditions
  • Paediatric osteopathy for new-borns and babies, toddlers, children and teens
  • Digestive health, discomfort and bloating
  • Stress and sleeping issues
  • Functional medicine and diagnostics
  • Nutrition and lifestyle medicine

“Pain is complex and multifactorial and should be addressed as such. Unless one treats the underlying biochemical and biomechanical imbalances as well as any psycho-emotional barriers to recovery, pain cannot fully resolve.”

Maxi Schönteich is a UK-trained osteopath, paediatric osteopath, nutritional therapist, and the only female certified functional medicine practitioner in Hong Kong. Her unique breadth of skills allows her to take a truly integrated approach to healing clients, recognising and treating the root cause of dysfunction with a personalised, holistic approach.

Blending her expertise, Maxi is appreciated by clients for her ability to address the underlying, often hidden, causes of complex pain conditions that can go untreated for years. Without appropriate support, these health conditions not only impact physical health, but emotional and mental wellbeing too- all of which she takes into consideration when treating clients.

Maxi is well versed in supporting people acute or chronic pain, including back pain, neck pain and jaw pain.

As a trauma informed osteopath, Maxi pays particular attention to the emotional aspect of pain and the mind-body connection while attending to your body’s structural needs. Her treatment is subtle and inherently soothing, offering you time and space to attend to your mind as well as your body.

Structurally, she eases tension in the neck and back muscles, relieving stiffness to improve your range of mobility.

Jaw pain is one of the main causes of headaches: another area in which Maxi is skilled. Maxi has had great success in offering relief from different types of headaches, including tension headaches, as well as treating their underlying cause.

Maxi treats clients of all ages – from newborns to growing children, and adults to older people. Working with children, Maxi can help with a wide range of health concerns including reflux, colic, restlessness, latching and feeding difficulties, growing pains and more.

She’s also trained in osteopathy for pregnancy and able to provide care throughout the prenatal to postnatal stages of your pregnancy. Whether you’re experiencing pregnancy headaches, heartburn during pregnancy, or back pain in your third trimester, Maxi can help.

Maxi’s background in functional medicine allows her to take an integrated approach when treating digestive issues like constipation and acid reflux, helping ease bowel movements or digestive discomfort caused by stomach acid. Maxi’s mind-body approach brings a unique osteopathic perspective, integrating emotional reasons for digestive issues with physical causes.

Maxi is also adept in supporting clients with health challenges related to hormonal balance, cardiometabolic fitness and sleeping difficulties: helping you with the best sleeping position and ways to ease pain during sleep.

Originally from Switzerland, Maxi offers consultations in both English and German. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, she lived in London where she worked for the NHS and various private osteopathic clinics.

In her free time, Maxi enjoys exploring Hong Kong with her rescue dog Ossie.


  • Masters of Osteopathy with Distinction (MOst), University College of Osteopathy, UK
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (DipNT), College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK
  • Postgraduate in Paediatric Osteopathy (PgCert), University College of Osteopathy, UK
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), Institute of Functional Medicine, USA
  • Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist with Distinction (dipSM), ITEC, UK


  • Registered Osteopath, General Osteopathic Council (GOSC), UK
  • Registered Osteopath, Hong Kong Osteopathic Association (HKOA), HK
  • Member, The Institute for Functional Medicine

Language: English and German

Would you like to see Maxi?

Call +852 2523 7121 or book online to schedule your appointment below*. 

*For instructions, please see here.


“I had several sessions with Maxi for persistent muscle tension and jaw pain. My muscle pain has gone for good. I highly recommend anyone to book with her. She delivers high-quality care and is empathetic.”

“Maxi’s approach to healing pain is brilliant and something I can’t recommend highly enough. If you’re struggling to break that cycle of pain or lack of healing. Maxi has a huge depth of knowledge that she applies to her coaching sessions; she also brings an incredibly empathetic approach to her sessions. I feel that Maxi cares about helping me heal, which allows me to place my trust in her as a pain expert. Without Maxi’s guidance, I would still be stuck in the same pain cycle and not able to get back out on the pitch doing what I love.”

“I come from a long-term background of chronic pain, and Maxi is the first therapist who fully understands my condition. I have seen her a handful of times, and it’s been worth 3 years of seeing other kinds of professionals. Really recommend her if you want to find true healing; she is awesome!”

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