Sore throat

Some sore throats we’re familiar with. The precursor to the cold, followed by a host of symptoms, your typical viral infection.

However, some are slightly less familiar.

You might find that your sore throat arrived, but the runny nose didn’t follow. It’s important not to disregard such a sore throat, as it could be caused by an underlying issue. 

Sore throats unaccompanied by other symptoms may be caused by acid reflux, a localised infection or a thyroid imbalance, but it’s impossible to tell without further investigation. If you have been experiencing a recurrent sore throat, it’s important you see your health practitioner. 

Whether familiar or unfamiliar, we at IMI can help find the origin of your sore throat and ease your discomfort.  

When a sore throat is symptomatic of a viral infection, you may also experience a fever, runny nose, coughing, sneezing or an aching body.

The soreness of your throat may differ depending on the infection. You may experience pain while swallowing, have red, inflamed tonsils or a muffled, hoarse voice.

When not caused by a viral infection, you may experience no other symptoms apart from a sore throat.

Though sore throats are most commonly associated with colds, it is essential that symptoms are monitored closely. Sore throats can be caused by a plethora of issues, or could be symptomatic of a more serious illness, like mononucleosis, measles or influenza A. If you suspect you are suffering from a serious illness, you must see a doctor.

Recurrent sore throats can be indicative that the initial infection was never resolved. It may also mean you are deficient in important nutrients, such as vitamin D.

Changes in our surroundings may also lead us to have a sore throat. Residents in Hong Kong may find themselves more susceptible to a sore throat during humid months and in the lead up to Chinese New Year. Newcomers are particularly sensitive to irritants in the air like mould, dust and pollen. Strep throat, another culprit for sore throats, is a bacterial infection which is encouraged by certain environments.


After your initial assessment we may carry out tests to ascertain the source of your sore throat. These may take the form of a blood test, a throat swab or nutrient deficiency test.

Sore throats are either acute (sudden onset) or chronic (persists over a long period) and treatment depends on this diagnosis.

Acute sore throats are caused either by a viral or bacterial infection. If bacterial, the infection may be strep throat and your practitioner will take throat swabs to confirm and recommend a treatment. Our practitioners will arm you with advice to protect you against high levels of pollution and reduce the likelihood of re-infection.

Homeopathy, naturopathy and TCM use botanical and herbal medicine in order to tackle an acute sore throat and ease your symptoms. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and unique presentation of symptoms. If you’re suffering from a long standing infection or nutrient deficiency, our practitioners will boost your immunity with potent supplements in order to strengthen your body and rid you of your sore throat.

We may also recommend complementary therapies like acupuncture, to help manage acute symptoms. Our acupuncturists assess the health of the body and mind in a holistic fashion, leaving the body better able to handle the infection on its own next time.

Chronic sore throats may be caused by many things, among which are acid reflux or a thyroid imbalance and will need further investigation by a naturopath.

At IMI, we hope to empower you with knowledge and supplements to ensure that your body is strong and healthy. There’s no need to suffer with a sore throat. Come to our clinic and learn what natural medicine can do for you.

What to do next

We suggest you start by booking an initial appointment with a naturopath. Call 2523 7121 or connect with us below.

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