Superfoods super charge your life

Superfoods pack a ‘punch’ in your nutrition stakes! In our busy lifestyles, adding a few superfoods to your diet, whether in a smoothie, protein drink or snack bar, can be a convenient way to ‘power-up’ and make sure that you are optimizing every mouthful. They are low-calorie and nutrient rich, each one offering special qualities. The key to a superfood is nutritional density, plus antioxidant capacities for immunity and anti-aging.

Super Antioxidant protection

Among the most common features of superfoods are the high antioxidant properties, natural blueberries, acai, spirulina, gogi berries, chia seeds and many mushrooms offer this protective power. They are able to scavenge thousands of free radicals in a single serve. In our air-polluted city this is vital protection.

Super Concentrated Nutrients

Some superfoods offer a broad range of trace minerals. Spirulina, the most nutrient concentrated green food on earth. It has been shown to enhance athletic performance and recovery owing to its rich array of nutrients. Spirulina is also high in amino acids, the protein building blocks. That makes it a great superfood for athletes and vegetarians, especially as it’s a good source of iron. Spirulina has heavy metal binding qualities as well. A superfood indeed.

Protein Powders

Whey and pea protein powders boldly supply protein in a simple, drinkable format that is excellent either as meal replacements for weight loss or as post workout drinks for muscle mass gain.

Clean Lean Protein has a unique alkaline effect in the body. The pea protein is also proven to have equal effects as whey shakes for muscle gain.

Isowhey is a whey protein shake that is superior to others on the market by providing a full array of vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes and probiotics. This makes it a properly nutritious meal replacement, suitable especially for weight loss. IsoWhey Sports is designed for the athlete or gym enthusiast. Taken after workout will enhance muscle growth and mass.

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