Brain boosters. Recommended by practitioners.

Our brains mediate our world. Inner and outer. They form connections. Govern our bodies. Keep memories alive. Motivate us to follow our passions.

Nurturing our brain is vital, but often neglected. It copes, in spite of high stress, pollution and food with low nutritional value.

At different stages of our life, our brain has different needs. Designed to grow and support your brain, these pure and potent supplements have been chosen by our practitioners for children and for adults.

Ensure you and your family are satiating your hungry brains and optimising your health, so that you can continue making the connections that define you.

Elevated mood, enhanced concentration and superior memory for a better quality of life.

B complex

A potent adults-only complex. All eight B vitamins unite to support your body and brain, improving cognitive function, lifting your mood, and building neurotransmitters all the while giving your energy and concentration levels a boost. Is there anything the B vitamins can’t do?

Ideal for fighting off stress and tucking you in for a good night’s sleep.

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Fish Oil Capsules

Fish oil works wonders on the infrastructure of the brain. It improves communication between cells, reduces depressive and anxious symptoms, enhancing overall cognitive performance. With a powerful anti-inflammatory punch, it will revitalise the body as well as mind by soothing sore joints and bolstering immunity.

In a convenient capsule format for those who can’t stomach the taste or texture of fish oil.

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Fish oil 1400 Liquid

This lemon flavoured fish oil is a firm family favourite at IMI. Perfect for enhancing brain power and memory, fish oil could help you unlock your potential. Lifted mood and enhanced concentration for engaged learning.

This formula is a great way to ensure fussy eaters are getting the fatty acids they need. Sneak this zesty oil into smoothies, your kids won’t suspect there’s anything fishy going on.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is famous for supporting our skeletons and immunity, but an unsung hero for brain health.

In a city limited by skyscrapers and pollutants, these drops are liquid sunshine, alleviating anxiety while boosting mood and memory. Strength from the bones to the brain.

Easy to adjust doses for the whole family.

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Chewable Multivitamin

Perfect for developing minds and bodies, this multivitamin ensures fussy eaters get all the nutrients they need for healthy brain function.

This supplement improves mental agility, mood and energy levels, making sure your child is supported in the classroom.

Made for kids, but if you’re an adult averse to broccoli, this cherry flavoured multi will help ensure your brain is getting the essential antioxidants and nutrients it requires.

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If you are unsure about which supplements you need, you can come and talk to our naturopathic dispensary advisors.

Alternatively if you or your child is suffering from an acute or chronic health condition, we suggest that you book a consultation with one of our naturopaths for more personalised treatment. Call 2523 7121 or send us a message.

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