Surviving the pandemic and quarantine

In Hong Kong we have one of the strictest quarantine policies in the world which is causing much anguish and frustration at not being able to travel freely to see friends and family. With no end in sight people are becoming demotivated, frustrated, anxious and homesick for family and friends in their home country. What can you do to cope with these uncertainties and frustrations? How can you see those silver linings hidden in the clouds?

IMI has long recognised the inter-connectedness of mind, body, emotions and spirit and I as a Homeopath and Yoga teacher, always share my experience and knowledge with my patients. Here are a few practical suggestions to help you cope in these difficult times:-

    • Ideas for beating the Pandemic Blues
      ~ explore areas of HK you have never visited
      ~ staycations or a cruise
      ~ take up a new hobby or exercise, or study something new
      ~ plan a trip when you think you can travel
      ~ volunteer: this will help you connect with others
      ~ join IMI’s free Monday mindfulness sessions online
      ~ Breathe! Learn how to use your breath to become calmer

      During the summer, stuck here unable to visit our daughters, I undertook a Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8 week course1 which helped bring meditation into my normal daily Yoga practice. I found the discipline of sitting meditations to be helpful and freeing. Once you understand that you are not the negative thoughts constantly whirling around in your head and learn to appreciate the moment you are in now, you will learn to see the positive in the negative.
      Homeopathy has much to offer us when overwhelmed with anxiety or suffering from acute or chronic illness. Here are some examples of how Homeopathy has helped folks during the Pandemic this year.
    •  Homeopathy: Help! Panic!
      Here is an example of a patient in quarantine in panic mode:
      “I landed here yesterday and am in quarantine. I have been really anxious as I get a bit claustrophobic and am in a hotel room with no view, no direct sunlight and can’t open the window. A couple of days ago in anticipation of quarantine , I had my first panic attack. Help! I haven’t slept for 2 days and cannot calm down, are there any remedies which might help?”
      Margaret’s cry for help highlighted 2 invaluable remedies:

        • Arnica to settle her restlessness, help her sleep and recover from jetlag;
        • Aconite: the best rescue remedy for helping calm the Sympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS)“fight or flight” response.

      I also suggested some Yoga exercises, mantras and breathwork. When I checked in with her a few days later she said:

      “Both remedies really helped! I have slept so much better with Arnica and have had no physical symptoms of anxiety since taking Aconite. Thank you very much for your emergency help!”

    •  Feeling wobbly after vaccination?
      ~ Arnica for shock and bruising
      ~ Aconite for slight fluctuating temperature, first signs of a cold and feeling anxious
      ~ Gelsemium for flu like symptoms which come on slowly. Weak, chilly, lethargic, trembling, with heavy eyelids and muscle aches and pains. “I took this after my vaccination and quickly felt better” said B of IMI pharmacy staff
    • Remedies for Quarantine and Travel

      When you do travel why not pack some remedies which are effective in treating colds, temperatures, and flu just in case you pick up an infection whilst away or feel unwell whilst in quarantine.2 The key is to treat the symptoms as soon as they appear. If you choose the correct remedy it may stop the symptoms from developing into a full blown cold, or it will move the acute through your system quicker than normal. Here are some of the most frequently used remedies for common conditions:

      Colds, Coughs & Flu
      ~ Aconite: for first stage of colds, mild fluctuating temperatures, plus a calming remedy for shock and panic.
      ~ Ferrum phos: useful to take at the beginning of a cold with first stage of inflamed sore throat, fevers.
      ~ Belladonna: for sudden high fevers, a picture of delirium with dilated pupils, flushed face.
      ~ Bryonia: for dry coughs with shivering, irritability, heat and thirst.
      ~ Gelsemium for flu like symptoms which come on slowly. Weak, chilly, lethargic, trembling, with heavy eyelids and muscle aches and pains.

      ~ Arsenicum album: for tummy upsets, diarrhoea, vomiting from food poisoning. Also for anxiety and restlessness.
      ~ Nux vomica: a detoxifying remedy for indigestion from over indulgence in rich foods and alcohol, nausea, distended abdomen, constipation, sleep loss, irritability.

      ~ Arnica: for shock, falls, bruising, strains and sprains, pre and post op, childbirth, jet lag.
      ~ Hypericum: for injuries to nerves, neuralgia after injury, wounds, surgery, blows to head tailbone, fingers.
      ~ Ledum: for all kinds of puncture wounds eg including after vaccination, nails, bites, stings. Swelling puffy purple area around wound which feels cold.

      There are many other remedies which can be added to this list depending on your own commonly experienced acute symptoms and health situation.

      Individual Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic conditionsHomeopathic treatment tries to get to the cause of the problem and works most effectively by analysing your current symptoms, medical history, temperament, lifestyle, dietary choices, etc to prescribe a remedy which fits the whole of you. The correct remedy stimulates the healing process and will improve immunity and energy.

      For a personal evaluation of how Homeopathy can help you, book in to see Mina for your individual remedy and/or your individual travel remedies.

About Mina
Mina Weight is a registered homeopath at IMI. Call 2523 7121 or fill in the enquiry e-form if you would like to make an appointment or enquiry.

2 In addition it is essential to take Vit C, Vit D, Zinc and a good probiotic during quarantine to ensure you are getting the correct vitamins to maintain immunity.

About Mina Weight

Mina is a registered Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths in the United Kingdom. She has wide experience of treating whole families from infants to the elderly presenting with many different symptoms. Her special interests are in the treatment of mother and baby, childhood and teen problems, menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as mental and emotional problems such as chronic anxiety, dietary disorders and stress related illnesses.

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