Caring for our environment

From the air we breathe to the food you eat; the environment is integral to your wellbeing. Protecting the environment and conserving precious resources is the right thing to do – for the health of the planet and for your health, too. In fact, the environment is one of seven key factors proven to influence your health and wellbeing .

Supporting sustainable brands: We’re actively working toward sourcing all of our goods from environmentally conscious companies. We currently source from companies including:

  • Ethique
  • Mood
  • Coconut Matter
  • Zero yet 100
  • Pana Organic
  • Humble Brush

Reducing plastic: Where possible we opt for glass over plastic. Glass bottles for our prescribed herbal and homeopathics, and where possible for our supplements.

IMI Bring Back recycling programme: Turn your recycling into rewards


Hong Kong’s landfill sites are piled high with trash and are set to reach full capacity this year. With limited awareness of the waste problem, the advantages of recycling and how best to recycle in Hong Kong, our city is in the midst of an environmental crisis.

We’re committed to your health and the health of our planet – because both are inextricably linked. We’re pleased to partner with HK Recycles to implement the IMI Bring Back program.

Be rewarded for making a difference

Simply bring back 5 cleaned plastic and glass supplement containers purchased at IMI or through our online shop and you’ll receive 1 Healthy Reward point worth HK$50, as our thanks to you. The more you recycle, the more you’ll earn.

HK Recycles will collect your returned containers from IMI and transport to collection points licensed by the Environmental Protection Department.

What you can and can’t recycle:



Help our planet, help our people

HK Recycles hires and trains people from marginalized communities in Hong Kong – an initiative we wholeheartedly support.

Together, we can all make a difference. For our personal health, our people and our planet.

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