What is mindful leadership coaching and how can it help you?

written by Cristina Rodenbeck 

What’s holding you back at work? Perhaps on the outside you appear to be thriving: you’re a senior executive with a solid career and multiple successes under your belt. But on the inside, something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed, you’re playing small, the stories in your head aren’t serving you, and more.

Leaders and high-achievers are often so busy, they work on auto-pilot. It can be hard to know what’s stopping you from being your best.

This is where Mindful Leadership Coaching can help you. Mindful Leadership Coaching is a one-on-one coaching approach for successful senior executives and leaders wanting to lead teams and organizations with greater awareness, wisdom, and purpose.

Take Jack*, for example. Jack is a senior executive whose career was on the rise: he had a bigger team, attended board meetings with C-suite leaders, and business was doing incredibly well. It’s all he had planned for.

But he had not planned for the stress of managing a team, his growing discomfort in the boardroom, ongoing self-doubt at work, and the frustrations he was unintentionally taking home to his family. Jack knew something needed to change, but couldn’t pinpoint what or how. So, he reached out for Mindful Leadership Coaching with Cristina Rodenbeck.

Mindful Leadership Coaching

In the first session, Cristina and Jack explored his challenges at work. What came to light was an underlying feeling of incompetence when dealing with team members and their different styles and needs.

Team dynamics

To unpack the team dynamics, Cristina helped Jack map out his team, their styles, possible needs, and how – as their line manager – he could best communicate with and add value to them. Implementing his plan of action, Jack was surprised by the outcome. Now recognising his team members’ different needs, he was better equipped to provide appropriate leadership and work with them towards their growth needs, which they greatly appreciated.

How we see ourselves -v- how others see us

In session two, Jack shared his growing reluctance to speak in boardroom meetings, but he wasn’t sure why. Cristina suggested a psychological tool to increase Jack’s self-awareness and close the gap between how others perceive him and how he perceives himself.

In session three, Jack returned surprised with the findings. Whilst he was recognised as a valued employee, his reticence in the boardroom had not gone unnoticed. The wake-up call he needed, Jack felt ready to explore his blind spots.

The stories that prevent us from communicating with presence

In session four, Cristina and Jack unpacked the stories holding him back from being visible in the boardroom. Jack realised, while growing up, he had always been the peacekeeper, remaining silent when things got heated to neutralize the room. It was this role he was now bringing to work – a role unsuitable in the boardroom.

Through a coaching model that explores Presence, Jack realised he had unconsciously been building Low Presence. He decided he wanted to instead gain Higher Presence – a conscious space where he could share his thoughts and create more impact. Cristina discussed with him The 3 Vs of Communication and he realized his Voice was the one he was using the least. Together, Cristina and Jack explored how he could leverage his voice qualities.

Looking back; looking forward

In session five and six, with Jack feeling more empowered, they revisited the learnings, new strategies, and the way forward – how would Jack continue to be accountable for his own growth and success? Which reminders did he need?

Six months later, at the agreed check-in point, Jack shared his confidence levels were higher, his relationship with his team had improved, and he was progressively building more presence in meetings. And he had noticed a difference at home too – he was more relaxed and focussed.

Jack is now a Mindful Leader and he’s thriving at work and at home.

Are you ready to become a Mindful Leader?

If you’re a senior executive or leader wanting to lead with greater awareness, wisdom, and purpose, and if you’re prepared to be challenged and held accountable for your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and outcomes to succeed at work and in life, connect with Cristina.

Working and Living Mindfully is one phone call or email away. To schedule a consultation with Cristina, call 2523 7121 or book online.

About Cristina

Cristina Rodenbeck is IMI’s Mindful Leadership Coach, Corporate Wellness Curator and Speaker, Certified Wellness Therapist, and Mindfulness Facilitator. With over 25 years’ experience working with executives across different industries and continents, she has a unique insight into professionals’ challenging lives and the detrimental effects on personal power and wellbeing. Trusted by global and local leaders, she is committed to empowering professionals with optimal awareness and wellbeing, so they thrive at work, home and in life.

Would you like to see Cristina?

Call +852 2523 7121 or request an appointment below, and our team will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your session.

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