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Your Essential Immune Support Kit

The scientists have spoken. The key nutrients your body needs to strengthen your immunity.

As Hong Kong hums back to life, it’s important that we continue to support and strengthen our immune systems – your most powerful line of defence at this time.

We recognise these past few months have been physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Working through what-to-do and what-not-to-do has been overwhelming for many. We’ll keep this simple.

At this time, the key to a strong immunity is to identify and address:

  • imbalances in key nutrients that are central to a healthy, robust immune system. To maintain a healthy immune system, the body needs sufficient vitamins and other nutrients. But that is exactly what many people lack.
  • maintaining a healthy inflammatory response. Toxins, underlying health conditions, pollutants, stress and more can alter our inflammatory system leading to more severe symptoms of colds and flu.

With this in mind, our expert practitioners have compiled an exact list of what your immune support kit should include to boost your immunity and promote a healthy inflammatory response.

The Essential Immune Support Kit

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and a Probiotic: the four key fighters for immune health

Vitamin C

It’s no secret that Vitamin C can supercharge your immunity. Your body does not produce Vitamin C; you get this vital nutrient from your diet. Sadly, no matter how well you eat, compromised soil quality and imported foods can significantly affect the levels of Vitamin C you consume.

Vitamin C imbalance is known to decrease our immune responsiveness and increase susceptibility to colds and flu. When a person becomes ill, the increased metabolic requirements in our body increases our body’s need for Vitamin C.

Pure and potent Vitamin C supplementation is proven to maximise immune health and regulate our inflammatory response. It’s important to note that not all vitamin C supplements are created equal. Vitamin C with Manuka honey can support optimal immune system function. This powerful supplement includes ascorbic acid, zinc and glutathione – all known to support healthy immunity. Suitable for both adults and children.

Vitamin D3

Multiple global experts advise that Vitamin D3 is crucial for a strong immunity.

Worryingly, an alarming 60% of Hong Kongers are believed to have insufficient levels of Vitamin D. This inhibits immunity, and causes an excessive inflammatory response, which can be particularly dangerous if you become ill.

Micellized Vitamin D3 is easily absorbed, bolsters your respiratory health and helps alleviate anxiety, providing much-needed support in current times.


Zinc is essential for immune support function, providing support to your respiratory system.

Low levels of zinc impacts around half of all adults. This nutritional imbalance can greatly impair a person’s immune function. For decades, studies have shown that zinc supplementation effectively boosts your immune response.

Zinc citrate can be absorbed quicker and far more effectively by the body compared to many other zinc supplements. It powerfully supports immunity, yet it’s gentle on the stomach.


70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Imbalances of bad bacteria in the gut make you more susceptible to illness. As your gut microbiome is linked to your mucous membranes (protective layers that line parts of your ear, nose, throat, digestive tract and parts of the body that are exposed to air) it’s important to ensure your gut is healthy and strong.

Probiotics are proven to support gut health, provide protection from bad bacteria, and regulate a healthy inflammatory response. But only when they are pure, potent and stored appropriately. Store-bought supplements simply won’t do. It’s also important to note that different probiotics serve different purposes. Only specific strains of probiotics support immune function.

For the purpose of strengthening immunity, we recommend probiotics that have a hypoallergenic blend of various probiotic species to provide excellent immune support.

We highly recommend that you take Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and a pure and powerful probiotic in tandem to form the foundation of your immune support kit.

If you have questions about the best immunity supplements at this time, please feel free to visit our dispensary in-person or write to us here.

If you want a personalised plan that takes into account any lifestyle and health factors that may be compromising your immunity, please arrange an in-person or online consultation with one of our naturopaths.

We hope your toolkit serves you and your family well.

中文版 Chinese version

新冠肺炎疫情雖然有慢慢緩和的趨勢,但是我們也不能鬆懈, 要繼續做好防疫措施,對抗病毒。對抗病毒最有效的方法就是增強你的免疫力,才能減低感染機會。

在過去的兩年間, 相信對許多人來說也是一個挑戰。不論在身體上、精神上和情感上都有筋疲力盡的感覺, 導致抗疫疲勞出現。

要維持健康的免疫系統,我們的身體需要有足夠的維他命 、礦物質和其他營養素。但這些正是許多都市人往往缺乏的。除此之外,潛在的健康問題、毒素和污染物、壓力等引起的炎症很多時都會被忽略。若果現有的身體炎症不幸與病毒引起的炎症互相結合就會導致更嚴重的症狀。

有見及此, 我們的專業自然療法師列出以下一系列營養補充品為您增強免疫力和減少炎症,確保您得到最好的支持。



缺乏維他命C會降低我們的免疫力,增加感染的風險。當我們生病時,體內的炎症和新陳代謝需求會增加,對維他命C的需求亦會更大。我們的專業自然療法師為您推薦 : Medlab Mauka-C 純淨高效維他命C,有效預防感冒。麥盧卡蜂蜜和維他命C能支持免疫系統功能。此補充劑還包括抗壞血酸,鋅和穀胱甘肽等多重功効。並適用於成人和兒童。


但有研究表示, 有60%的香港人缺乏維他命D3,使身體難以對抗感冒和病毒。缺乏維他命D3不僅會損害免疫功能,而且還會促進過度的炎症反應,如果不幸生病,可能會特別危險。

Klaire Lab Micellized Vitamin D3 維他命D3滴劑容易被人體吸收,有助增強呼吸系統健康,並幫助緩解焦慮,為疫情提供適切的支持。







作為基本防疫保健組合,我們強烈建議您同時服用維他命 C、維他命 D3、鋅和強效純淨的益生菌。


如果你對以上營養補充品有任何疑問,或有意尋求個人化的健康諮詢, 請與我們的自然療法師預約進行面對面或在線諮詢。你亦可到本店查詢,或電郵給我們。

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