Corporate Wellness

Interactive programmes for today's business leaders and employees

Today’s leaders and employees face greater challenges than ever before: higher levels of stress, longer workdays, constant multi-tasking, sedentary lifestyles and poor diets – and it’s taking its toll on employees’ health, morale, productivity as well as businesses’ bottom line and workplace culture.

Motivating your employees is an on-going proposition. It’s proven when you give employees the knowledge and tools to live well – you give them the drive and ability to work well. With optimal health and happiness they bring their best selves to work: Appreciated. Engaged. Committed. Focussed.

Offering a Corporate Wellness Program to your team is a win-win for everyone.

The positive effects of Corporate Wellness Programmes are backed up by decades of rigorous studies by researchers around the world. Here are 9 proven benefits:

  • Relieves work-related stress and its career-sinking consequences
  • Reduces the risk of anxiety impacting your ability to do your job
  • Promotes resilience and confidence in the face of workplace challenges
  • Increases energy levels and productivity
  • Supports concentration, clarity and the capacity to contribute effectively
  • Reduces the risk of colds, flus, viruses and infections spreading through the workplace
  • Decreases absenteeism and staff turnover caused by ill-health and injuries
  • Boosts morale and promotes a positive company culture
  • Improves employee recruitment and retention

We treat unhealthy and unhappy professionals every single day. We work with them to bring them back to good health and to sustain their long-term wellbeing. Combining decades of unrivalled experience, our practitioners help professionals live healthier and happier by providing the education, training and support they need to make positive life choices.

In line with our Integrated Healing vision ‘Heal. Balance. Evolve.’ we work closely with our clients to heal the body of illness, balance physical and psycho-emotional energies, and help them evolve towards a more mindful and aware way of living.

IMI is committed to supporting company leaders and employees towards total wellbeing through our Wellness Talk Series and Wellness Retreats. After all, your company’s success is contingent upon a healthy and happy workforce.

Covering 8 critical areas of health and wellness, our wellness talk series is carefully designed to help today’s pressured professionals regain and sustain optimal health.

Phase 1: Heal and Balance
Led by experienced practitioners in the field each interactive talk is designed to educate participants, encourage them to assess where they are, and empower them with the tools to build new and healthier habits.

Phase 2: Evolve
Maintaining healthy habits requires ongoing support and is more effective when tailored to your company’s unique culture and work space. We offer customised assessment and wellness programs for leaders and employees to better integrate new understanding and healthier patterns into their daily life – at home and at work.

Option 1: Half Day Retreat
Participants are invited to escape the pressures of daily life and embark on a wellness journey through the detoxification of body and mind. Set in a beautiful city hotel spa, your employees will learn tools and techniques to declutter and decompress in modern times. The afternoon getaway includes a healthy lunch and ends with a relaxing spa treatment; guaranteed to ensure everyone comes away feeling refreshed and recharged.

Option 2: Full Day Retreat
For the ultimate corporate wellness experience, executives are invited to a full-day retreat. Guided by experienced practitioners, they will learn impactful tools and techniques to support the body and mind. Nourishing meals, scheduled downtime from distractions and devices, and a stress-relieving spa treatment will enhance their ability to perform at optimal levels.

Ongoing Support
Whilst our programs are designed to empower participants with the tools to live and work well, we recognise some individuals and groups require ongoing support to maintain healthy habits. We offer customised assessment and wellness programs to support your leaders and employees on their journey to total health and wellbeing.

What to do next

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs. To learn more about our Corporate Wellness Programs, Lunchtime Talks, Urban Retreats and Consulting opportunities, please contact

What do our clients say?

“The programme provided tips that were very useful – entertaining and flexible to meet your needs as we have a small group of participants. The information we received about the causes of some of the stress we experience daily was invaluable.”

Michelle Miu
Public Relations Manager
The Murray Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel
May 2019